Project of the Month


Over the years we have been privileged to see so many wonderfully creative projects brought to fruition by the teachers we honor every year.  In order to help nurture the community of sharing and growing that they foster every day, we would like to highlight a different project every month, and share it with the larger teaching community. Please come back often, and build and expand on what you see, to help enhance the lives of all children.


Susan Peterson

            To enhance my infant classroom, I received a light table, wooden blocks with transparent colored middles, a set of transparent colored toys, a box of colored scarves, and a mirror cube. The light table is on the floor and all of the children can reach it. The young children just beginning to sit on their own to the children who climb on top of the table have all enjoyed exploring and discovering what they can do with light, transparency, opaqueness, shadows, and colors.

The children enjoy seeing how the colors brighten when put on the table. I continually stack things to mix colors, but the children just enjoy experimenting with the blocks, toys, and scarves. They pile, build, stack, look through, and examine the pieces. The investigation continues when opaque toys are added. The light table has exceeded my expectations. It is played with every day. I didn’t expect it to remain so popular after two months, but the children love it!

I thought the mirror cube would be great for the younger infants when they were on the floor. Mirror play improves their visual tracking, cognitive, physical, social/emotional, language, and adaptive skills through discovering faces and reflections. However, this has not been the case. Once in a while I am able to use it with the younger infants, but the majority of the time the mirror cube is being pushed around the room by the beginning walkers. They use it as a walker stopping for short periods to peer and admire themselves in the mirror. It is the cutest thing!

            Overall I believe the items I received have enhanced my classroom. The children love playing and exploring with them. They have exceeded my expectations for how I had envisioned they would be used. The children play with them every day. How could I ask for anything more?


4 month old child looking into the mirror cube


8 month old child pushing mirror cube looking at self


12 month child and 8 month child experimenting with toys on the light table