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April 1, 2017

Come Out to Cheer for the Winners!

Roses and Awards


Come celebrate the achievements of this year’s National Child Care Teacher Award recipients on Saturday, May 6 at 7pm in the Juniper Room at the Courtyard Marriott Philadelphia! The TLLCCF is going all out to celebrate the accomplishments of child care teachers. The National Child Care Teacher Awards is an inspiring event where the winners, guests and Foundation Board of Directors and staff will celebrate with the recipients at MilkBoy at Eleventh and Chestnut Streets. The After Party includes a buffet supper, beer, wine, dancing, and a ton of fun for all who attend.

Join us as for the ceremony and after party as we learn who will be the next Helene Marks Award winner and is named the National Child Care Teacher of the Year! The dramatic buildup of the moment will unfold as the ten semifinalists for the Helene Marks Awards will be called up to find out, who among them, will be chosen. The winner of the Helene Marks Award receives an additional $1,000 and the honor of being the best of the best. Afterwards, celebrate with the teachers, eat, drink and dance the night way. If you can't come out to celebrate the winners, then consider supporting high-quality child care with a donation to the Foundation.

Don’t miss out, join the fun. The Courtyard Marriott Downtown, 21 North Juniper St., Phila, PA 19107. Attendance is $35 pp.

Look for your invitation in the mail or Sign Up NOW!

Congratulations to the

National Child Care Teacher

2017 Award Winners!

Amy Ahola, Child Central Station, Marquette, MI

*Dinah Arnott, Child Development Center for Learning and Research @ Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Elsa Bosma, Puddle Jumpers Childcare, Shelburne, VT

*Paul Caggianese, Clark Community College, Vancouver, WA

Helen CeLes McCrae, Yoiko Child Development Center, APO, AP, Japan

Junko Cizadlo, Offutt Child Development Center 2, Offutt AFB, NE

Josie Collazo, Green Byrne Child Care Center, Philadelphia, PA

Adrienne Shawn Donaldson, Jitta Bug Learning Center LLC, North Miami, FL

Melissa Duguay, Tender Care Learning Center, Hamden, CT

Christina Ford, Westminster Mayfair Presbyterian Church Child Care Center, Philadelphia, PA

*Allison Fritsch, Encompass Early Education & Care Inc., DePere, WI

Erin Guzikowski, Samuel Paley ELC, Philadelphia, PA

Bridgette Halcomb, Riverside Child Care and Learning Center, Riverview, MI

Laura Halley, Tender Care Learning Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Kimberly Hargrove, Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool, Chapel Hill, NC

Ann Harmon, Caring Hands Daycare, La Salle, IL

Heather Hausladen, Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center, Plymouth, MN

Mary Ellen Hussey, Metro North Children's Learning Center, Malden, MA

Lisa Jarosiewicz, Playschool Child Care Inc., Maplewood, MN

Lillian Kazanis, Montessori Academy of Cape Cod, N. Falmouth, MA

*Joni Khan, Boys and Girls Club of the Sioux Empire, Sioux Falls, SD

Lanai Koep, Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center, Edina, MN

Dana Kraus, Tender Care Learning Center, Bethel Park, PA

Stephanie Krause, Bloom Children's Center, Bend, OR

Elzbieta Krzyszkiewicz, Educational Playcare, Farmington, CT

Tina Levesque, Tender Care Learning Center, Avon, CT

Jennifer Massella, Tender Care Learning Center, Wexford, CT

Nicole McLaughlin, F.M. Kirby Children's Center, Madison, NJ

Jennifer Miller, United States Airforce Academy Child Development Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Amy Mincey, Discovery Point, Cumming, GA

*Siobian Minish, Child Development Lab at the McPhaul Center, Athens, GA

Victoria Murray, Tender Care Learning Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Elizabeth Peralta, Area 1 Child Development Center Aviano AB, APO, AE, Italy

Jennifer Pikus, The Harmony School at Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton, NJ

Jaimie Rice, Tender Care Learning Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Melissa Robinson, Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center, Minneapolis, MN

Michelle Roeszler, Curious Kids Childcare, Fargo, ND

Lisa Rubinow, Columbus Early Learning Center, Columbus, OH

Carrie Ann Russell, YWCA Developmental Preschool, Hio, HI

Nicole Savage, Tender Care Learning Center Jefferson, Clairton, PA

*Ashlee Shill, Apple Tree Children's Center, Iowa City, IA

Jill Skinner, Ms. Jill's Place Child Care and Preschool, Great Falls, MT

*Pat Smith, The Children's Center of Oswego, Oswego, NY

*Michele Diane Southall, Grand Forks AFB Child Development Center, Grand Forks AFB, ND

Heidi Sowers, McRaven Child Development Center, Ellsworth AFB, SD

Glenda Torres, Borough of Manhattan Community College Early Childhood Center, New York, NY

*Ilse Wilson, Fairyland Family Child Care, Sandy, UT

Angela Wooten, The Child Development Coop, Baton Rouge, LA

Noelle Woytko, Childrens Village Child Care Center, Philadelphia, PA

*Stacie Zielinski, Educational Playcare, Berlin, CT

Recipients with an * before their name scored in the top ten. They are in the running for the Helene Marks Award and the winner will be named the National Child Care Teacher of the Year.  The winner of the Helene Marks Award will be announced on Saturday, May 6, at the evening ceremony.

Fred Rogers Company Executive to Deliver Keynote at the 2017 National Child Care Teacher Awards

 The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation is proud to welcome Hedda Sharapan, Director of Early Childhood Initiatives, at the Fred Rogers Company, as the keynote speaker at this year's Terri Lynne Lokoff/Children's TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Awards.

Hedda's interest in children's television led her to the Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting Station where she was privileged to have known and worked with Fred Rogers and the nonprofit company he founded. Fred Rogers, known to most as Mr. Rogers, the beloved host of the children's television program Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, was not only influential to the young children who watched his program, but also to adults. In fact, it was Fred Rogers who encouraged Hedda to pursue a Master's degree in child development, which she earned from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine. At the Fred Rogers Company, Hedda has held several positions including assistant director, assistant producer and associate producer.

Through the 49 years she has been at the company, Hedda worked closely with Fred Rogers on his books for children and parents, parenting brochures and viewer mail. In her present position, she is helping the Fred Rogers Company (formerly Family Communications) to carry on Fred Rogers’ legacy through writings, speeches at national and regional conferences, helping to create the company's website materials for children and adults, and developing and presenting professional development materials for people who work with children – including a popular monthly professional development newsletter that reaches nearly 15,000 subscribers. She is a gifted speaker who fills her presentations with treasured stories and classic video segments all wrapped in warmth and humor.

One of Hedda's projects at the Company is the children's program Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. The series centers around the character of four-year-old Daniel Tiger, son of the original Daniel Striped Tiger on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and is co-produced by The Fred Rogers Company.

Hedda is a 2010 recipient of the National Association for the Education of Young Children Heroes on the Horizon award and in 2011, she was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association for Family Child Care.

The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation founders, board members and staff are honored that Hedda will be speaking to this year's winners. We are grateful that she believes in and supports the work the foundation accomplishes on behalf of young children, child care teachers and their parents.

About This Year's

National Child Care Teacher Award Winners

What does it mean to be a Terri Lynne Lokoff/Children’s TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Award Recipient? It is the mark of being honored and recognized by a committee of child care professionals who know quality as it relates to child care. It is the mark of success.

The National Child Care Teacher Awards honors the professionalism, and the work and dedication of early care and education professionals who care for and educate the youngest members of society. The Award winners are selected pursuant an application process. Recipients complete a seven page application, which combines essays, designing a classroom enhancement project and obtaining letters of support from peers, colleagues and current parents that are then read by a committee of more than 40 seasoned educators and child care professionals.

The National Child Care Teacher Awards is not a popularity contest where the winners get their friends and acquaintances to vote for them. They win because they have a “world view” of their work. They know that the children in their care will have the improved likelihood of success as adults. They see teachable moments outside their planned lessons. They know that it is important to keep up with the best practices. They know in order to be the best, they have to work very hard.

This year there are 50 National Child Care Teacher Award recipients. They will take their place with honor among the 892 past recipients to receive this award in the last 23 years.

Members of this elite group come from across the country and two foreign countries. They are from 26 different states, and two are from overseas U.S. Military bases (Italy and Japan). The winners are made up of 49 women and one man.

Forty-three are child care providers at centers, four are family home providers and three are group home providers.

 All of the winners explained the importance of keeping up with the latest developments and research regarding the best practices in early childhood education. As such, seven have earned Child Development Associate credentials, 13 have earned associate degrees, 18 have earned bachelor’s degrees, and six have earned master’s degrees. Eight are infant care teachers, five teach young toddlers, 30 teach older toddlers and pre-k, and seven teach mixed age groups. Each year, in every application we receive, even from those who don't become recipients, all describe their job as a calling and/or a passion.

To watch the National Child Care Teacher Awards live, go to our web site, at 7 pm on May 6, click on the designated button and enjoy.

Explosion of Language and Literacy for Toddlers

By Demita Hill
The Parent Infant Center
Philadelphia, PA
2016 Terri Lynne Lokoff / Children’s TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Award recipient                                   

My project was titled “Explosion of Language and Literacy for Toddlers.” The goal of my classroom enhancement project was to increase the children’s vocabulary and get them interested in books. One of my goals was to have a comfortable book area. I want the teachers’ backs to be comfortable while reading books to the children. We have a new book case for our book area and new big comfortable pillows. Our classroom is very diverse and I purchased a number of books about diversity. The children love the new books. They always ask me to read to them. Some of the children will sit down and look at the books all by themselves. I was reading one of the books and one of my children who is bi-racial said, “Demita, look, you have brown skin just like me.” I was so excited that the book helped her make that connection.

I really enjoy engaging in flannel board activities because they are visual books. The children love them and I give them the opportunity to try and tell the stories all by themselves. One of their favorite flannel board stories is “Pete the Cat: I love my new shoes.” One morning, one of my children came into class and said, “Look Mita, I have new shoes just like Pete the Cat.” I was so thrilled that he remembered the story. We also have a new CD/Tape player. I purchased several new CDs for the children to dance to and learn new activities. The children enjoy engaging in fun movement activities. They have learned new songs, which I hear them singing when we are not listening to the CD. The repetition of these activities help them to learn new words and it helps with social skills.

The project has really exceeded my expectations. While I knew our teachers and children would be drawn to our cozy book area, I did not expect it would change our parents’ routines. During drop off time, they now take time to sit on a pillow and read a book or two to their child before heading off to work. I’ve gotten positive feedback from parents whose children recently started in my class saying their child’s vocabulary has increased since joining my classroom. We have a new child in our class who didn’t speak any English, but now she is learning very quickly due in large part to the songs we sing and the books we read. I am so happy that I was a recipient of the National Child Care Teacher Awards. The award money has helped me enhance my classroom and help me buy materials that help encourage language development.

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