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February 1, 2017

2017 National Child Care Teacher Winners

to be announced in mid-February

Roses and Awards

Thank you to all child care teachers who’ve applied for the Terri Lynne Lokoff / Children’s TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Awards.  The application acceptance period closed on January 5, 2017.  Applications are being read and scored by a team of child care experts.  The Foundation will be announcing its winners in mid-February.

Making an impact through volunteering


Volunteering your time, talents and strengths are a great way to make a positive impact on your community.  It is through these forms of consistent efforts that we can make a difference. We need you to help to promote the need for high quality child care that directly affects society and the community. The TLLCCF welcomes volunteers who generously give of their time, talents and strengths to aid the Foundation to continue to raise the awareness for the need of affordable, quality child care, elevate the status of child care teachers and providers and improve the quality of child care for all children.

We offer many opportunities for individuals, small groups and corporations to participate in projects.  Some volunteer opportunities include: Grant committees, Events committees, Event support, Office support, Visiting Child Care Centers, and more.

To become a volunteer, please call the Foundation at 610-992-1140 or send an email to

Become a Volunteer today!

Everyday objects can become learning tools

Learning toys and tools can be anything.  With a little thought a simple item can be used to teach.  Slotted spoons make great bubble wands, pillows and blankets are good for building forts, and the old pots and pans still make great instruments. The January issue of PA Learning is Everywhere, the focus is on learning through the use of kitchen items.  The article was divided by age groups: babies, toddlers, preschool and kindergartners, and provided suggestions and appropriate ideas for each.  A simple kitchen towel provided a number of uses to encourage a baby to explore. Toddlers were encouraged to employ their building skills by stacking crackers and cheese.  Preschools can learn simple math skills by setting the table looking at recipes and more.  Kindergartners can employ science skills by learning about how food changes color, shape and size by cooking it, cooling it, or mixing it. 

The article offers a number of good ideas that can be implemented by both parents and teachers.

Preventing the spreading of the flu

It’s flu season and everyday people are exposed to the virus throughout our day whether it’s at work, school, at the store in our communities. A few situations put folks at greater risk than others such as working in hospitals, flight attendants, child care teachers and other professionals who work in close contact.  A few reminders help prevent the flu or spreading it.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends several of the following:

Wash your hands. This is important before and after preparing food, before eating, and after using the bathroom.

Wash your hands after you’ve been out in public areas. If you can’t wash your hands immediately, Do NOT touch your face – eyes, mouth or nose.

Stay home when you are ill

Don’t share personal items

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Always throw tissues away after each use. Wash your hands. If you are not near water, then use an alcohol-based hand cleaner.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home, work or school. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, manage your stress, stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods.

Let's Explore with Nature

By Karine Previl-Dunel
God is Good Daycare, LLC
Bayshore, NY
2016 Terri Lynne Lokoff / Children’s TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Awards

 I am grateful to be one of the recipient of Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Teacher Award.  My project, “Let’s explore with Nature”, was to enhance the outdoor classroom by adding a wooden Kitchen, a table with an umbrella, benches and a wheelbarrow.  The extension of our indoor creative curriculum has been very rewarding.  The children are spending a substantial amount of time exploring, interacting and doing child-initiated activities. 

The opportunity to add these elements outdoor has increased the quality of play for each child.  The outdoor classroom enables the children to connect with nature while developing the whole child.  Daily, they are using their imagination on choosing what to cook, deciding whose turn it is to get the needed materials, and enjoying collecting the supplies and placing them into the wheelbarrow then bringing them to the kitchen and setting up the table for fun time. 

The challenging part was to find the affordable contractor and purchasing the real used appliances.  I was able to get all the parents involve in looking for the right person and to go over ideas of this kitchen.  The parents’ involvement was awesome and they all enjoy talking to their children daily about their adventure playing outdoor.  The children are learning to use different skills, language and with minimal guidance from the adults they are able to be very creative.

The children are much happier outdoor and by providing ample tools they are encouraged to work in team and be very patient with each other even with the younger ones.  This grant has helped me to improve my program.  It was a lot of fun being part of such prestigious award ceremony.


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