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October 12, 2016

Best Day Ever!


Fill out and submit the all-new 2017 Pre-Application for the Terri Lynne Lokoff /Children’s TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Awards!  It’s quick. It’s easy. Fill out and submit it Today! The pre-application gets you pre-approved for the National Child Care Teacher Awards Application.


Here are 5 Fantastic Reasons To Apply:

1. A paid trip to historic Philadelphia
2. Meet with peers and exchange ideas
3. Excellent educational experience
4. FUN: Portraits, special ceremony, after party
5. Win $500 for your program and $500 for you!

Teacher of the Year receives an additional $1,000!

The all-new 2017 Terri Lynne Lokoff / Children’s TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Awards application
will be available online November 1.

Photo: 2016 National Child Care Teacher Award Recipient Mandy Gutshall, Dickinson College Children's Center, Carlisle, PA


An Evening with the TLLCCF

Gather your friends and join the TLLCCF for a night of music performed by three local bands (The Miners, The Knife and Fork Band and Whiskey Jam) to benefit the Foundation on Friday, November 4, 8:30 to midnight at Milkboy, 1100 Chestnut Street. Join us!  Admission is $10pp.

The Miners are an original alt country band based in Philadelphia, PA (yes, there are alt country bands in Philly). Originally formed in 2007, The Miners are known for their country-infused, guitar and pedal steel guitar laden, alt country originals influenced by the likes of Uncle Tupelo, Whiskey town, the Jayhawks, Gram Parsons, and Buck Owens. Co-founded by Keith Marlowe in 2007, the current line-up consists of Keith Marlowe (lead vocals, guitar), David Thornburgh (pedal steel guitar), Gregg Hiestand (bass) and Vaughn Shinkus (drums, backing vocals).

The Knife and Fork Band’s music stylings are too unpredictable for “folk,” too loud for “acoustic,” too complicated for “punk,” too rough for “chamber-pop,” and more band than “singer-songwriter.” The KFB may be fellow travelers, but aren't about to swear allegiance to any party. Since 1992 the KFB has written songs, added band members, and had families; all while recording and performing in and around Philadelphia.

What happens when you put an accountant, dentist, insurance broker, business owner, and real estate developer together? You get Whiskey Jam! Not surprisingly, the name reflects two things the guys enjoy: whiskey and jamming as a band. While not quitting their day jobs, these guys from suburban Philly love their night gig, playing music. Covering songs from the 60’s through today, fans enjoy their mix of classic and alternative rock and pop songs. The guys like to help out area charities and groups so all earnings are donated to nonprofit organizations. The band includes Larry Berkowitz (lead vocals and guitar), Larry Dash (lead guitar and vocals), Marc Dubner (keyboard and vocals), Mitchell Benson (drums) and Andy Rubin (bass).

For more information for an Evening with the TLLCCF click here and order your tickets TODAY!


Two Child Care Center recipients of the Child Care Advocate Award presented

in memory of Anne O. Krancer


The two recipient centers of the 2016 Child Care Advocate Award presented in memory of Anne O. Krancer are Westminster Mayfair Presbyterian Church Child Care Center, in Philadelphia and the Morrisville Branch of the Lower Bucks Family YMCA Child Care Center. The centers were selected for providing high-quality child care and educational services and for providing an environment that nurtures children and stimulates growth and creativity. This award provides for the purchase of durable equipment for use in the child care center to improve the quality of early care and education for its children. 

The award presentation to Westminster Mayfair Presbyterian Church Child Care Center was held on Wednesday, September 28.  Board Co-President Steve Rossman and Founder Kay Lokoff presented center Director Tracia Walzer, Westminster Mayfair with their award. Tracia was surrounded by the young toddlers and her staff. Tracia selected several items for use in the young toddler room including an over-sized wooden loom for practicing fine motor skills and several other pieces to accompany. 

Joining in the celebration were Kinder Academy Executive Director Leslie Spina, United Way Manager of Success by Six Abby Binder, the Westminster Mayfair Presbyterian Church Child Care Center staff and the young toddlers of the Ladybug classroom.

The Morrisville Branch of the Lower Bucks Family YMCA Child Care Center was presented with its award on October 5th at the center. Founder Kay Lokoff and Board Co-President Sam Nemroff presented the award to center Director Michele Fina. Michele and her staff chose two items for their award that encourage gross motor skills: the Peek-a-Boo Caterpillar, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and encourages children to climb, crawl and interact with one another. And, the Toddler Bridge to encourage young children to explore, jump, climb and play.  The Toddler Bridge can be turned over to become a rocking teeter-totter.

At each center the TLLCCF received a full tour and learned about the children and families that they serve.  Kay read a book to the children at each center.  We’re not sure who had more fun!

Both centers employ experienced, educated teachers and have an extremely low turnover rate. Each of the centers achieved Pennsylvania’s highest rating of becoming a Keystone Star 4 center. Earning the Keystone Star 4 rating means the center has gone above and beyond licensing requirements and are providing a very high-quality program for the children.
“The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation is proud to honor Westminster Mayfair Presbyterian Church Child Care Center and Morrisville Branch of the Lower Bucks YMCA Child Care Center. Tracia Walzer and Michelle Fina and their staffs and the board of directors clearly know that providing at-risk children with a high-quality early care and education experience provides a long lasting positive affect that benefits the children, the families and the community at-large,” stated Executive Director Jamie Lokoff of the Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation.

Photo: Children of Westminster Mayfair Presbyterian Church Child Care Center listened to a story read by TLLCCF Founder Kay Lokoff.


Did you know…….

Did you know that what children learn before kindergarten has an effect on their success in school and in life? The first five years are absolutely essential to brain development and shaping literacy, math and social skills.  There are no “do-overs” in early learning. We cannot recreate this opportunity later in life. This is why the TLLCCF is so passionate about promoting high-quality child care for all children. 

We believe that reading, talking and playing with children from birth builds the language, math and social skills they need to be ready for and successful in kindergarten.  High-quality early care and education programs make a difference in the development of a young child’s learning.

Here are five points to remember in the development of children:

· Children learn best when they feel safe and secure.  They will learn more if they are NOT stressed, hungry, or feel unsafe.  When they are with adults they trust, they are open to learning.

· Children develop at their own pace and in their own way.  One size does NOT fit all.  Children reach developmental stages at their own pace.

· Children develop at their own pace, but they will all follow the same sequence.  It may take one child longer then another to meet each milestone.

· Children learn by doing. They use their entire bodies and all their senses at once.  Their brains are developing while they are moving around.  This is why play is the work of children.

· Children’s skills build on each other.  This is why the skills they’ve already learned are the foundation for the next set of skills they are learning.

Join the Foundation in furthering its mission to ensure that all children deserve access to high-quality early care and education.  When a child succeeds in school all of society reaps the benefits through better citizens and better economics.

Donate today to help the TLLCCF make America better by improving early care and education!

Cozy Woodland Book Nook

By Erin Wise
Cocalico Care Center
Denver, PA

2016 Terri Lynne Lokoff / Children's TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Award Recipient

The implementation of my “Cozy Woodland Book Nook” project has been fantastic. Originally my goal for this project was to get the students interested in literacy in my classroom. Once the items were purchased and started arriving the kids got super excited about each and every item. They even begged to help assemble the table and chairs! So at circle time the day the set arrived we all took turns putting pieces together. What an awesome real-life learning experience!

As we waited for items to arrive we kept the quiet reading area ‘closed’ and ‘under construction’ for about a week. They loved watching me set up the new area, squealing with delight when a new package entered the classroom.  Once it was all ready to go I opened it up for the students to use; they couldn’t wait to get into it and start ‘playing.’ The literacy manipulatives and games that I was able to purchase were a big hit, and helped many of my students with letter recognition. The bean bags were finally a kid-sized comfy seat for them to browse our books. The students would wait to be able to take their turn in the literacy area, which had not happened all year. As soon as someone would leave the area another friend would rotate in. The carpet, pillows, and bean bags were used by my students daily and made the area comfortable and inviting.

I could not be any more pleased with how this project turned out, it has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Apply to day for the 2017 National Child Care Teacher Awards!

Photo: Student enjoying her time in the Cozy Woodland Book Nook.

The value of a wall

Not all walls are created equal. Some walls are meant to keep people out.  Some are meant to keep people in. Some walls are decorative and some are not. But the best walls give you better ratings on the ERS, also known as the Environmental Ratings Scales which is an assessment instrument for early childhood and child care program quality.  One center applied for and received the Child Care Center Enhancement Grant funding for a new classroom divider for the pre-k classrooms to replace the one that has been standing there since the 1970s.

The classroom divider that was in desperate need of replacement had been in place long before the Kinder Academy child care center began renting the space from the Westminster Presbyterian Church ten years earlier to form the child care center with the same name. Under the direction of Tracia Walzer, Westminster Presbyterian Child Care Center has worked diligently to earn and keep its Pennsylvania Keystone Star 4 rating by providing the children in their care with developmentally appropriate, interest-based, intentional lessons and experiences. But, some obstacles are difficult to overcome or overlook.

As noted in their application, “Two of our preschool classrooms are separated by a room divider that has been in place before our program. Over the years, normal wear and tear has made this divider a distracting eyesore.  We have made may attempts to repair or alter its appearance to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but most are temporary.  We have tried repairing it using tape and other adhesives, covering it with postings and artwork. We even hung curtains, but nothing worked as a permanent fix.”

Although the center earned its Pennsylvania Keystone Stars 4 rating, the director and staff would have to find a “fix” for the divider in order to maintain their high rating.  Replacing the divider would allow them to achieve higher scores on the ERS and would prevent negative feedback associated with the appearance of the dividers.

It was through the Child Care Center Enhancement Grant, the Foundation’s oldest continuous grant program, that the center was able to replace the worn out old room dividers and replace them with new ones the meet the requirements of ERS.

Apply for a 2017 Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation Child Care Center Enhancement Grant today!





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