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The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation welcomed 48 high-quality child care teachers and their family, friends and co-workers to Philadelphia to be honored for their hard work, dedication and all around excellence as child care teachers in the field of early care and education.  The teachers are representative of the fabric of our society. 

They come from all parts of our country. Some work at non-profit child care centers and some for-profit centers.  Others are family or group home child care providers and some work on U.S. Military bases or installations here in the U.S. and one from abroad. And, of course, they are both men and women who are working to make America better by educating and caring for our youngest citizens.

Like this year’s election, we too had both men and women competing for the highest honor that can be bestowed on child care teachers- The National Child Care Teacher Awards. Like young children know and the rest of the world is realizing, greatness knows no gender, greatness knows no financial value.  What greatness knows is to never give up on someone. And, that is the true gift of a child care teacher.  They see greatness in each of their young students.  As such, they encourage each child to achieve. They challenge each child in their care to try their best and set and reach new goals. They introduce new topics of interest.  Child care teachers are professionals trained in child development.  They are trained to bring about greatness in each child, so that each child in turn can find the greatness from within themselves.

In meeting this year’s child care teacher award recipients, it is easy to see that each has achieved their greatest self and have found true purpose in educating our youngest citizens and ensuring the future of this country.  We thank you.